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Critical Care Reviews

Sharing Science

We believe the latest medical advances should be available to all, so we developed the leading critical care evidence dissemination platform, keeping clinicians everywhere up-to-date for free.

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Join us in Titanic Belfast to discuss the best critical care trials in the world. June 14th to 16th, 2023


Held in Titanic Belfast, the annual Critical Care Reviews Meeting hosts major trial results and reviews the best trials of the year with their chief investigators


The best critical care literature published over the past seven days, collated and freely emailed to thousands of users every week


Held on an ad hoc basis, we host and freely livestream major trial results, usually in conjunction with a simultaneous publication in a major journal


The Critical Care Reviews Podcast discusses major trials with their chief investigator as well as following up on questions from livestreams

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Journal Watch

Few people have the time to stay up-to-date with the literature. Updated daily, we watch the major journals so you don't have to


The annual Critical Care Reviews Book summaries, critiques and puts into context the best critical care trials of the year

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Paper of the Day

Join us to read 1 paper per day and stay up-to-date as we cover the spectrum of critical care across 2022


The Critical Care Reviews Blog delves deep into major randomised controlled trials to explore why the trial returned the result it did

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Hot Guidelines

Guidelines are a great synthesis of the latest evidence in a single field. We have hundreds of high quality open access guidelines

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Hot Trials

Every year, we gather the most important critical care trials published over that 12 month period, and put them all in one place

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Major Trials

We collate and categorise all the major critical care trials by physiological system. If you need to know what major trials exist, we have them listed.


The Critical Care Reviews website houses all our resources. Check out the various tabs on the menu for more details on our content

Critical Care Reviews Team

Rob Mac Sweeney


Rob started Critical Care Reviews in 2009 to freely share the latest scientific advances in the field of intensive care medicine. During the day, he is a fulltime intensivist at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Chris Nutt


Chris works across the platform, driving progress in the growth and direction of the organisation. He is a fulltime intensivist and anaesthetist at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast.

Catriona Kelly

Meeting Lead

Catriona leads the organisation of the annual meeting, and specialises in the putting toegther a diverse and engaging social programme. She is a fulltime neurointensivist and neuroanaesthetist in Beaumont Hospital, Dublin.

Nigel Armstrong

Business Lead

Nigel heads the business side of Critical Care Reviews and works with medical equipment, pharmaceutical, medtech, financial and other companies, to support the activities of the organisation. As a former sales and marketing director with Armstrong Medical, Nigel brings vast experience to the team.

Phil Gillen


Phil is a key component in the success of both the meeting and livestream, taking on unseen roles to ensure their smooth operation. He is also a fulltime intensivist and anaesthetist at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, as well as the lead for the adult critical care transfer service for Northern Ireland.

Emma Mac Sweeney

Director of Operations

Emma started in Spring 2022 as the first Director of Operations for Critical Care Reviews. She manages the financial and logistical activities of this continually growing organisation. She is Critical Care Reviews' first employee.

Jakub Fronczek

Jakub Fronczek

Visual Abstracts Lead

Kuba is our first team member from outside Northern Ireland. He leads on visual abstracts and our new instagram account. He is an anaesthesiology & critical care trainee in Cracow, Poland, and an Editorial Fellow at the British Journal of Anaesthesia.

New Partnership with My Intensive Care

Rob Mac Sweeney

Founder, Critical Care Reviews

We are excited to announce a partnership between Critical Care Reviews and My Intensive Care, a new digital management platform for intensive care units. Declan Kelly and his team have created a flagship resource for clinicians, departments and hospitals worldwide to collaborate in a global critical care community sharing knowledge, skills and means. We share the same values of seeking to disseminate the latest evidence in our speciality and promoting the highest standards of clinical practice.

Since our beginning in 2009, despite operating as enthusiastic amateurs, Critical Care Reviews has risen to become a significant international contributer to the discussion and dissemination of the latest science in critical care medicine. This partnership marks the next step in our journey towards achieving a stable, professional basis for our wide ranging activities. We remain committed to promoting open access to scientific advancement and this partnership will support us in this goal.

Declan Kelly

Founder, My Intensive Care

My Intensive Care is a platform across mobile, tablet and browser that allows departments to have a single source for all their content across clinical guidelines, training and education, staff communication as well as much more.

The team at My Intensive Care is delighted to announce a partnership with Critical Care Reviews. We are very passionate about ensuring the latest evidence-based medicine is utilised at the bedside. The team at Critical Care Reviews has been a leader in this space now for many years, disseminating the latest knowledge in the field of Critical Care Medicine.

The My Intensive Care Platform


Your very own checklist builder, build clinical, procedural, and operational checklists for use by all staff, then track the completion of checklists and identify any serious issues early.


Manage all your contacts in one place, everything from emails to bleeps, communicate easily from the app.

Education Portal

Build your full education system, whether it is videos or documents; upload and track engagement to ensure the highest level of teaching is consistently being delivered.

Emergency Action Cards

What you need in a pinch, add quick reference action cards for those emergency situations when you need a snapshot of vital info, fast.


Add your own department specific clinical guidelines and build out the subsections as you need.


Ensure the latest updates and newest materials are easily accessible on the platform, this section streams the latest updates and allows highlighting of important files.

How To

For all those FAQs around practical issues, add them for your team.

Learning Event

Minor events may go undetected and unreported, allow users to log potential opportunities for learning from events.

Meet The Team

For new staff have a meet the team section, this allows staff to familiarise themselves with the team.

News Feed

Tired of long email threads or constant WhatsApp group notifications? Have your department’s very own News Feed with the latest updates, memos and attachments as needed. Track open rates and ensure the most important updates are seen by the whole team.


Manage all your rotas in one place, tracking when the rota was last updated and who updated it.


Need to know what everyone in your department thinks about a certain issue? A quick survey will reveal all.

The Department

Add a guide to your department for new team members with a video tour and department areas.

Works across mobile, tablet and browser

Clean, slick interface

Clinician, department and hospital ready

Disseminating Evidence for over a Decade

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