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Critical Care Reviews Meeting 2022

Derek Russell (Birmingham, USA) and Jon Casey (Nashville, USA) presents the results of the PREPARE II trial, investigating fluid bolus therapy for the prevention of cardiovascular collapse during emergency intubation. Anthony Gordon (London, England) delivers an editorial, which is followed by a panel discussion including Lennie Derde (Utrecht, the Netherlands), Andrew Althouse (Pittsburgh, USA), Elizabeth Wilcox (Toronto, Canada) and Lars Andersen (Aarhous, Denmark). The session is chaired by Chris Seymour from the USA. PREPARE II was simultaneously published in JAMA.

added August 3rd


PREPARE II Trial Results Presentation

Session Timings


Derek Russell

Jon Casey


Anthony Gordon

Panel Discussion

Elizabeth Wilcox

Lennie Derde

Lars Andersen
Andrew Althouse

Chair - Christopher Seymour

Audio Version

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