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Jonathan Casey


Critical Care Reviews Meeting 2024

CCR Down Under Announcement

The second trial to be added to the programme for CCR Down Under is the EVIDENCE trial, comparing expedited intra-arrest transfer versus more extended on-scene resuscitation for refractory out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.

Our first trial result announcement for CCR Down Under is ADAPT Sepsis. This 2760 patient trial from the UK investigates biomarker-guided duration of antibiotic therapy in sepsis

CCR24 Review

New to the Critical Care Reviews Meeting? Here's a taste of what it's all about

CCR24 Opening Performance

Dr Akhil Krishnakumar (Belfast) opens the Critical Care Reviews Meeting 2024 with a stunning piano piece.

CCR24 Trial Publications

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Pitting oedema

Paper of the Day

Argaiz. Fluid management in acute kidney injury: from evaluating fluid responsiveness towards assessment of fluid tolerance. Eur Heart J Acute Cardiovasc Care 2022;11(10):786-793

Thursday, July 25th

Join us to read one paper per day and cover the spectrum of critical care across 2024. Previous papers of the day are available here.

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added July 22nd

Jessica Spence


Jessical Spence (Hamilton, Canada) talks about the B-FREE trial, investigating bendrodiazepine-free anaesthesia for the prevetion in delirium in cardiac surgical patients.

Added April 7th

Latest CCR Meeting Announcements

VACIRiSS trial logo

CCR Down Under

The latest trial result presentation to be added to the CCR Down Under programme is the VACIRiSS trial, investigating whether vaccinating patients who have recovered from sepsis restores immune function, reduces the risk of new infections and lowers mortality.

Added July 14th

A2B trial logo

CCR24 Announcement

CCR24 has come and gone. We're back in Titanic Belfast next June, 11th to 13th. Before then, we're off to Melbourne for CCR Down Under.

Added June 18th

REMAP-CAP trial logo

CCR Down Under Preparatory Visit

Phil Gillen and Rob Mac Sweeney headed south to Melbourne last week to join the Alfred ICU Academic Centre team for 3 days of preparations for CCR Down Under in December.

Added May 21st