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Critical Care Reviews Meetings

Critical Care Reviews Meeting 2019

Featuring the PHARLAP Trial Results

Trial Results Presentations

PHARLAP Trial Result Presentation

Prof Alistair Nichol (Dublin / Melbourne) presents the draft results of the PHARLAP trial, investigating whether a maximal lung recruitment strategy reduces ventilator-free days in patients with ARDS.

PHARLAP was published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine in July 2019.

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PHARLAP Editorial

Prof Niall Ferguson (Toronto) delivers an editorial of the PHARLAP trial

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PHARLAP Panel Discussion

Prof Anders Perner (Copenhagen) leads an international panel discussion on the PHARLAP trial

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Trial Discussion Presentations


Prof Djillali Annane (Paris) discusses the APROCCHSS trial, investigating fludrocortisone and hydrocortisone in septic shock

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Prof Kathy Rowan presents the POPPI trial, investigating nurse-delivered psychological support in the ICU, at the Critical Care Reviews Meeting 2019

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Artificial Intelligence

Prof Anthony Gordon presents data investigating the role of artificial intelligence in sepsis, at the Critical care Reviews Meeting 2019

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Dr Manu Shankar-Hari (London) presents an editorial on the APPROCCHSS trial

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POPPI Editorial

Dr Bronwen Connolly (London) present an editorial on the POPPI trial

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AI Editorial

Prof Kathy Rowan (London) delivers an editorial on the artifical intelligence study

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Assoc Prof Timothy Girard (Pittsburgh) presents the MIND-USA trial, comparing haloperidol, ziprasidone and placebo in critically ill patients with delirium

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Prof Jan Bakker (New York) presents ANDROMEDA-SHOCK, comparing peripheral perfusion-guided with lactate-guided resuscitation in septic shock

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Prof Todd Rice (Nashville) presents the SMART trial, comparing saline with balanced crystalloids in patients in intensive care

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MIND-USA Editorial

Prof Danny McAuley (Belfast) delivers an editorial on the MIND-USA trial

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Dr Manu Shankar-Hari (London) editorialises the ANDROMEDA trial

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SMART Editorial

Prof Anders Perner (Copenhagen) delivers an editorial on the SMART trial

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Dr Morten Hylander Møller (Copenhagen) presents the SUP-ICU trial, investigating pantoprazole stress ulcer prophylaxis in critically ill patients

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Prof Marianne Chapman (Adelaide) presents TARGET, comparing energy-dense (1.5 kcal/ml) with routine (1.0 kcal/ml) enteral nutrition in the critically ill

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Prof Niall Ferguson (Toronto) presents the EOLIA trial, investigating extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) in severe acute respiratory distress syndrome

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SUP-ICU Editorial

Prof Marianne Chapman (Adelaide) delivers an editorial on the SUP-ICU trial

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TARGET Editorial

Prof Todd Rice (Nashville) gives an editorial on the TARGET trial

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EOLIA Editorial

Prof Marion Campbell (Aberdeen) delivers an editorial on the EOLIA trial

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Prof Jason Sperry (Pittsburgh) presents the PAMPer trial, investigating the transfusion of plasma in prehospital trauma

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Prof Alistair Nichol (Dublin / Melbourne) present the POLAR trial, investigating early prophylactic hypothermia for traumatic brain injury

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Prof Marcus Schultz (Amsterdam) presents the PreVENT trial, comparing low with intermediate tidal volumes in critically ill patients without ARDS

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PAMPer Editorial

Prof Maureen McCunn (Baltimore) delivers an editorial on the PAMPer trial

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POLAR Editorial

Prof Gavin Perkins (Warwick) delivers an editorial on the POLAR trial

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PreVENT Editorial

Dr Lennie Derde (Utrecht) delivers an editorial on the PreVENT trial

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John Hinds Lecture

The John Hinds Trauma Lecture

Prof Maureen McCunn (Baltimore) delivers the annual honorary John Hinds Trauma Lecture entitled "A Culture of Excellence - The R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center"

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How I Manage....

How I Manage Prehospital Haemorrhage

Jason Sperry

How I Manage Raised ICP

Maureen McCunn

How I Manage Fluids

Todd Rice

How I Manage Septic Shock

Djillali Annane

How I Manage Nutrition

Marianne Chapman