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Critical Care Reviews Meetings

Critical Care Reviews Meeting 2017

Major Trial Reviews

High Flow Nasal Oxygen in Extubated Patients

Dr Gonzalo Hernandez (Madrid) discusses his two high flow nasal oxygen trials in extubated patients

The CLASSIC Pilot Trial

Dr Peter Hjortrup (Copenhagen) discusses the CLASSIC trial, comparing a conservative with a liberal approach to fluid therapy in septic shock


Prof Greet Van den Berghe (Leuven) discusses the PEPaNIC trial, cmparing early with late parenteral nutrition in critically ill children


Prof Peter Hutchinson (Cambridge) discusses the RESCUEicp trial, evaluating decompressive craniectomy in traumatic brain injury

LeoPARDS Trial

Prof Anthony Gordon (London) discusses the LeoPARDS trial, investigating levosimendan in septic shock

Sepsis 3.0 Definition

Prof Mervyn Singer (London) discusses the new Sepsis 3 definition

How I Manage

How I Manage Fluids

Prof John Myburgh (Sydney)

How I Manage Trauma

Prof Donat Spahn (Zurich)

How I Manage High Flow Nasal Oxygen

Dr Gonzalo Hernandez (Madrid)

How I Manage Antibiotics

Prof Mervyn Singer (London)

How I Manage Septic Shock

Prof Paul Marik (Norfolk)

How I Manage Nutrition

Greet Van den Berghe (Leuven)


The Path to Truth

Prof John Myburgh (Sydney) discusses clinical trials methodology in his talk "The Path to Truth"

The Cure for Sepsis

Prof Paul Marik (Norfolk, USA) discusses his observational study reporting an association between the administration of vitamin C, hydrocortisone and thiamine and outcome in patients with septic shock.

Panel Discussion - The Best of the Rest

The faculty discuss the most important critical care trials of 2016 at the Critical Care Reviews Meeting 2017. Hosted by Danny McAuley

John Hinds Lecture

John Hinds Lecture

Prof Donat Spahn (Zurich) - The John Hinds Trauma Lecture 2017: European Trauma Guideline - A Success Story