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Critical Care Reviews Newsletter

Newsletter 597  |  May 23rd, 2023

New Paid Newsletter Model

For 14 years, our not-for-profit initiative has been committed to sharing science openly and fairly. Critical Care Reviews' commitment to egalitarian access to scientific advancements has thus far largely relied on my personal funding plus some help from the critical care community, which we are very grateful for. As we grow our platform, our costs increase and financial realities have led us to the difficult decision that a purely free model is no longer feasible. To sustain our activities, we will now be transitioning to a paid newsletter model.

We deeply appreciate your understanding and support as we reluctantly initiate this change. To maintain your access to our weekly newsletters, we ask that you consider subscribing to either a monthly plan at £2.50 (the cost a cup of coffee) or a reduced 6-monthly (£12.50) or annual subscription (£20). Over the next few weeks, we'll be phasing out the newsletters for non-paid subscribers. Anyone who has donated to support our work over the past year will be automatically added to our new newsletter circulation list. Those in low income countries can email and request to be added to the new newsletter list. We hope to release this new model in the coming days.

We're grateful for your continued support of Critical Care Reviews and look forward to advancing our shared passion for critical care science together in this new chapter.


I hope you find this newsletter useful.

Until next week