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Welcome to Critical Care Reviews, the world's biggest and best window into the critical care literature. This project is free-to-use and not-for-profit




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CCR16 Book   Journal Watch

The CCR16 Book discusses 30 of the biggest critical care trials of 2016, summarising, critiquing and reviewing how each investigation sits within the body of literature in that field. It is available as a free pdf download. A small number of print copies are available at cost price.


Critical Care Reviews is the only website in the world that hand picks the best research and open access articles from across the entire medical literature relevant to critical care and adds it to the "Journal Watch" webpage. It is updated approximately 360 days per year.




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Critical Care Reviews Newsletter

Each Sunday night (Irish time) the weekly Critical Care Reviews newsletter, highlighting the best research and open access articles complied in the "Journal Watch" section over the previous seven days, is sent to thousands of clinicans around the world. The newsletter typically contains links to between 50 and 100 articles, ranging from research to commentaries. Just one week has been missed in the past four years.


Critical Care Reviews Meeting

Every year chief investigators for the biggest critical care trials of the year are invited to Belfast to present and discuss their research, aiming to answer the quest "should we implement the results of this study into our practice?", This is an intimate event held in the stunning Titanic Centre each January. Further details on #CCR17 will be avilable in April. Videos of the previous presentations are available here.

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 Critical Care Reviews Podcasts    Hot Articles

The Critical Care Reviews Podcast is the latest resource to be added to the project, with the first edition out very shortly. These podcasts will largely discuss upcoming major critical care trials with their chief investigators, keeping clinicans abreast of what is happening in the world of research. Trial methodology and other aspects of critical care will be discussed also


Critical Care Reviews maintains an up-to-date list of the hottest critical care papers emanating from the literature. Major research and guidelines are added as they are published, usually epublished ahead of print. If you want to know what's topical in the world of critical care, then this is the webpage to visit. If you think I've missed something, then please email me and I'll add it.

Top 100 Studies   ARDS
Top 100 Studies   Review Articles

The most important studies in critical care are listed in various ways - the "Top 100 Contemporary Critical Care Studies", the most important studies by system, major studies by condition and categorsied Cochrane Reviews. These lists continue to change as the evidence-base changes.. If I've missed any major studies, or you  disagree with my choices, then leave a comment  or email me.


Critical Care Reviews contains structured links to over 10,000 open access review articles, covering both clinical and non-clinical topics. If you need a paper, rather than run the gaunlet of pubmed or google scholar, it's highly likely you'll find one here. With papers from the major general medical, critical care and other speciality journals, this is the place to start your literature search.

Guidelines   Journals
Guidelines   Journals
Guidelines relevant to critical care are listed by both condition and society, and includes the "most important" by system. Major socities producing these guidelines are included, with either the publishers or societal version of the guideline link to. Only freely available guidelines are included.These are added daily as they are published. This is the single best collection of open access critical care guidelines available on the internet.   There are links to hundreds of journals from accross the medical spectrum. As a website promoting open access to scientific advancement, many open access journals are included, including Critical Care Horizons, a platinium open access journal affiliated with Critical Care Reviews. Links to approximately 80 critical care journals alone are included.