CCR-Newsletter-BannerNewsletter 186  |  June 29th 2015


Welcome to the 186th Critical Care Reviews Newsletter, which is more substantial than I thought it would be having spent another amazing week at SMACC. Huge congratulations to Roger Harris, Oli Flower, Chris Nickson and the other members of the organising committee for producing such a spectacular event. If you haven't heard yet, next year SMACC comes to Ireland! SMACC DUB is on June 13th to 16th in the Dublin Convention Centre. Numbers will be limited to 2000, so keep an eye on the SMACC website for news of registration, although I'll have it in my newsletter also.

It was great to meet so many people in Chicago, especially those who sought me out. A special hello to to my friend Uwe Goehlert, who I finally got to meet. Uwe has taken the time to reply to everyone of my newsletters over the past two years, so it was fantastic to finally meet him in person. Unfortunately I lost the popular vote in my debate with Paul Marik on Predicting Fluid Responsiveness. You'll be able to decide for yourself when the talks are released on the Intensive Care Network website over the coming months.

In other news, Critical Care Horizons published its first articles this week, with a further article due out in the next few days. It has been a huge amount of work and massive thanks to everyone who has written, peer reviewed and helped in various ways over the past year.

This week's Topic of the Week is Fluid Resucitation, based on the SMACC Sepsis Panel Discussion, starting with a paper on lactate monitoring in tomorrow's Paper of the Day.




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