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Major Trial Results Livestreams

At Critical Care Reviews, we aim to bring the latest evidence straight to clinicians without barrier or hinderance. In our opinion, there is no better way to do so than with our free livestreams, including the trial results presentation, an independent editorial, questions from viewers worldwide, and an expert panel discussion.

Unlike most conferences, we afford sufficient time to assess the robustness of the trial, fully understand the intricacies of the data, and clarify what the results mean for clinicial practice.

To complete the session, we try to coordinate with the publication of the trial manuscript, so we have a simultaneous presentation - publication.

CCR Livestreams


Multiplatform RCT

Anticoagulation in COVID-19

The ACTIV4-a, ATTACC, & REMAP-CAP investigators will present the results of this multi-platform trial, in which critically ill adults were randomized to receive therapeutic anticoagulation with heparin or pharmacological thromboprophylaxis as per local usual care.The preprint of the main paper was published on March 12th in MedRxiv.

Wednesday, August 4th

Oxygenation Strategies in COVID-19


To date, it's been unclear how patients with severe COVID-19 requiring non-invasive respiratory support should be managed. With over 1200 patients, the UK RECOVERY-RS trial is now the largest global non-invasive respiratory support trial for COVID-19, and compares CPAP with high flow nasal oxygen with standard care.

Thursday, August 5th

Fluid Type and Rate


This Brazilian 2x2 factorial trial will randomise ICU patients at moderate to high risk for death or AKI to receive a balanced crystalloid solution (Plasma-Lyte®) or 0.9% saline and to receive crystalloids by rapid bolus infusion (999 mL/h) or slow infusion (333 mL/h) whenever plasma expansion is needed.

Tuesday, August 10th

REMAP-CAP IL-6 Receptor Antagonist Domain Results Livestream

Livestreamed February 26th, 2021

This is the REMAP-CAP IL-6 receptor antagonist domain results presentation, recorded February 25th. The presentation was accompanied by a simultaneous publication in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Prof Derek Angus (Pittsburgh, USA) & Dr Liz Lorenzi (Berry Consultants, Austin, USA), set the scene with talks on the adaptive platform design of REMAP-CAP, and its underlying Bayesian framework, respectively. Next, Dr Lennie Derde (Utrecht, The Netherlands) presents the full results of the IL-6 receptor antagonist domain, followed by an independent editorial by Prof Tim Walsh (Edinburgh, Scotland). Lennie and her co-investigators reply to the editorial and questions from viewers. The session ends with a panel discussion, including external experts Dr David Harrison (Chief Statistician, ICNARC, London), Prof Anders Perner (Copenhagen, Denmark), and Prof Anthony Gordon (London, England), the lead investigator for the IL-6 RA domain at REMAP-CAP.

Session Timings

  • 1:37 - Derek Angus - The Beauty of Adaptive Designs

  • 19:22 - Liz Lorenzi -.The Statistical Framework of REMAP-CAP

  • 42:50 - Lennie Derde - The Results

  • 1:09:05 - Tim Walsh - The Editorial

  • 1:35:40 - Lennie Derde et al - Reply to the Editorial

  • 1:43:52 - Questions va Chris Nutt

  • 1:54:10 - Panel Discussion

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