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CCR20 Opening Performance


Having spent several years sending supplemental newsletters containing the major trials published at big critical care meetings worldwide, it's pretty cool to be able to send the first supplemental newsletter from the Critical Care Reviews Meeting. There are links to the trial papers and associated editorials, as well as the recorded meeting presentations, for each of the IHME Sepsis Study, PEPTIC and VITAMINS trials. The 65 trial is accepted and due for publication in a couple of weeks - the link to its presentation video is included. All other meeting talks have been recorded and will be available over the coming weeks.

Check out our opening performance from the incredible Dominic Mac Giolla Bhríde, singing in the traditional sean-nós style, supported by the ARCO string quartet.

I'll try to catch up with the this week's and last week's missing newsletters over the next couple of days.


IHME Sepsis Study







  • Video  (this is unedited yet - the presentation starts at 37:00 minutes)


I hope you find this newsletter useful.

Next newsletter in a day or two.


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