Newsletter 164 / January 27th 2015


Welcome to the 164th Critical Care Reviews Newsletter, bringing you the best critical care research published in the past week, plus a wide range of free full text review articles, guidelines, commentaries, editorials, study critiques, correspondence and case reports from hundreds of clinical and scientific journals.

As a result of the 2015 Critical Care Reviews Meeting, which was held last Friday, this week's newsletter is two days late, and quite small. I'll add a report in this weekends newsletter, but for now Adrian Wong, Emma Fitzgerald, and Duncan Chambler, with help from Jamie Strachan, have provided a superb review of the day's events on the websites of both the Wessex Intesive Care Society and the Oxford Deanery Intensive Care Medicine Blog. A huge thanks to all who contributed, attended and especially travelled for the meeting, which has once again been a huge success.

The highlights of this newsletter are a couple of randomized controlled trials presented at the 44th annual SCCM Congress in Arizona, guidance on the use of echocardiography in acute cardiovascular care, a pro-con debate on the use of multipathogen realtime PCR systems, and clinical review articles on spinal cord injuries, cerebral vasospasm and fat embolism syndrome. Here is also a link to some of the plenary session talks at the SCCM Congress.

This week's Topic of the Week is platelets, continuing with a paper on the management of thrombocytopaenia in ICU in today's Paper of the Day.


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Upcoming Meetings

SMACC Chicago

The next SMACC conference will be held June 23rd to 26th, in Chicago, USA. Just like the Critical Care Reviews Meeting, this is a not-for-profit event, run by a team interested in sharing knowledge in a fun, modern way. It's a conference like no other. Further details are available on the SMACC website.

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