CCR Podcast 1 - Paul Young on ICU-ROX

CCR Podcast 1 - Paul Young on ICU-ROX 


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ICU-ROX is a phase 2b, parallel group, multi-centre, randomised, single blinded clinical trial comparing liberal with conservative oxygen therapy in mechanically ventilated adults in the Intensive Care Unit. Its chief investigator is Dr Paul Young, from Wellington, New Zealand, whotalks with Rob Mac Sweeney about both ICU-ROX and the REACTOR trial.

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CCR Podcast 2 - Glenn Eastwood on TAME

CCR Podcast 2 - Glenn Eastwood on TAME


Glenn EastwoodThe TAME Cardiac Arrest Trial is a 1700 patient pragmatic, parallel group, randomised controlled trial evaluating the effect of mild hypercarbia in resuscitated patients post cardiac arrest. This ANZICS Clinical Trials Group investigation is presently recruiting centres and patients - if you would like to take part, please contact Dr Glenn Eastwood at the below email address.     

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CCR Podcast 3 - Shay McGuinnes on PEPTIC

CCR Podcast 3 - Shay McGuinness on PEPTIC


PEPTIC is a large, multi-centre, cluster cross over, randomised registry trial comparing the safety and efficacy of proton pump inhibitors with histamine-2 receptor blockers for ulcer prophylaxis in intensive care patients

It will provide robust estimates of the relative risk of stress-related upper gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding and complications that are potentially related to using PPIs vs. H2RBs for stress ulcer prophylaxis. During the first treatment period, half of the participating ICUs will be randomly assigned to use PPIs for stress ulcer prophylaxis in patients who require life-support while the other half will use H2RBs. During the second treatment period each ICU will swap to using the opposite treatment. Data will be collected primarily from existing data sources rather than the medical records of individual patients. There will be two study treatment periods.

The primary outcomes are:

  1. stress-related upper GI bleeds proven by upper GI endoscopy,
  2. clostridium difficile infections
  3. episodes of mechanical ventilation of more than 10 days


  • If you want to get in touch with Shay McGuinness, Paul Young, or Alistair Nichol, please email either the ANZICS Clinical Trials Group, or me and I'll pass your message along.







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