SoMe Fellowship C


Critical Care Social Media Fellowship

This new Critical Care Fellowship is a unique opportunity to learn a comprehensive skill set in the dynamic field of social media. Under the guidance of Rob Mac Sweeney, the founder of the Critical Care Reviews Project and co-founder of the platinum access journal Critical Care Horizons, the successful applicant will receive direct supervision and teaching on social media, as well as contributing to both Critical Care Reviews and Critical Care Horizons.

A rolling timetable will ensure expertise is gained in the following areas:

 • Websites   Learn how to design, develop and maintain your own site
 • Podcasting   Gain knowledge about equipment, recording, editing audio & posting podcasts
 • Newsletters   See the inside track on one of the most popular critical care newsletters
 • Graphic Design   Design your own logos, posters and giffs
 • Videos   Shoot and edit your own medical education videos
 • Journals   Advance your knowledge of the publishing process, including the software behind an online journal
 • Meetings   Learn how to organise and run an annual international meeting and have a role on the organising committee for SMACC

At the end of the fellowship, it is intended the Fellow, in addition to acquiring the above skills, will have completed a social media project of their own and have helped develop a critical care social media course. In addition, the Fellow will contribute to clinical duties at the Regional Intensive Care Unit in the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, Northern Ireland. The Regional Intensive Care Unit will iminently move into a new, multi-million pound critical care facility at the Royal Victoria Hospital. The majority of the Fellow's time will be spent working on social media activities.

This post is offered by the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust. Further details can be found here or contact me via email. There are also three other critical care fellowship available, in resuscitation, echo and lung ultrasound, and research. The Regional Intensive Care Unit is a world class research hub and the home unit for the REST Trial, investigating extracorporeal CO2 removal in respiratory failure.