eCritical Care Reviews Conference 2021

January 20th to 22nd

Over the past couple of months, the organising committee for the Critical Care Reviews Conference 2021 have delayed making a decision on the future of the event to give us an opportunity to see how the pandemic fares. Unfortunately, with the virus continuing to spread across the planet at an ever increasing rate, and with resurgences in countries which managed wave one well, it's sadly becoming clear that we lack the certainty necessary to plan for a physical international three day conference. We, like every other conference, face the decision of cancelling, postponing a physical meeting to a later date, or moving to an online format. 

The reasoning for this is clear. With an ever rising number of people becoming infected and dying throughout the world, not only may a sizeable number of our delegates and faculty be unavailable to travel due to coronavirus workload, but our home venue is equally vulnerable. It is difficult to predict whether the various companies we contract to provide the services required for a major conference will be open and functioning as usual in January. Equally, we in Belfast, along with any other urban area worldwide, could be in lockdown should we suffer a local resurgence or second wave. There is also no guarantee that air travel will be either open or sufficient flight availability exist for international travellers.

Our usual mid January slot in the conference calendar suits our end-of-year review format perfectly. Additionally, we have major trial results to host, with these trial groups working on timelines for CCR21. Therefore, we will keep our usual January slot, rather than seek to push back later in the year, and CCR21 will become eCCR21.

In keeping with our ethos of sharing and disseminating science, eCCR21 will be live-streamed in its entirety and will be completely free to view. We'll be keeping with same format as usual, as well as sticking to the same dates of January 20th to 22nd. We'll still be hosting our major trial results, reviewing the best critical care trials of 2020 with their investigators, and holding various discussions on trial methodology and interpretation. With the changes to everyone's work patterns, there is a chance some major trial results may be ready either before or after our January conference. If this happens, we aim to host these presentations in our usual way as stand alone events, again free to view.

We've already started planning for a physical CCR22 and have booked Titanic Belfast for January 19th to 21st. Our intended physical CCR21 plan will now transfer to CCR22, which means a 3 day conference, the social programme which was intended for CCR21, and another top class scientific programme packed full of trial results, trial reviews and methods talks.

One major issue created by the move to a free, online conference is that of funding. The annual meeting has, until now, funded much of the Critical Care Reviews project This year, we won't have the income the meeting has generated, which will put significant pressure on us. If you read the weekly newsletter or have downloaded the annual book, listen to the podcasts or watch the presentations from the meeting, please do consider supporting us. Critical Care Reviews is nonprofit and none of the people contributing are paid for their involvement.

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