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Promoting Open Access to Scientific Advancement

We believe everyone should have access to scientific advances which improve outcomes in critical illness. We work towards this goal by sharing the latest knowledge via our website, weekly newsletter, podcast, annual book and meeting.

Everything is freely available, for everyone, everytime. We don't paywall any aspect of our work.

If you value the work that we do, please consider supporting us so we can help clinicians worldwide implement the latest, most robust evidence to help their patients.

New Look

COVID-19 has changed the world, so Critical Care Reviews is changing too

As the pandemic has evolved, the volume of published articles has increased dramatically. To better highlight the most important and interesting articles, we've changed the look of the website and refocused on our main area of interest - critical care trials. We'll still cover the entire spectrum of the literature in our journal watch, but trial reports will take precedence. It will take a few months to repopulate the site, so please be patient.

The new site will be slicker and more streamlined, as well as more visually atractive. All the usual popular features will be maintained, such as journal watch, newsletters, podcasts, books and meeting materials.

Critical Care Reviews will continue to be the website to use to stay up-to-date with the latest literature. I hope you enjoy the new look and refocus.

Promoting Open Access to Scientific Advancement
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